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Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak hit the American culinary scene in 2002 and had folks wondering where it had been all their lives.  This amazing cut of grass-fed and finished, dry-aged beef is tender, well-marbled, and incredibly versatile.  It takes to marinades well, is super good with only a little Redmond Coarse Sea Salt, or happily flexible as the star in carne asada tacos or Vietnamese dishes (like The Cafe's recipe below from Scott & Chris).

Check out Scott and Chris' fresh new take on Flat Iron Steak (and an awesome secret to getting it tender enough to cut with a fork!)!

The Barbeque Bible has some great tips to getting your Flat Iron Steak perfect off the grill even if you've never cooked it before

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About Graze & Roam Beef

Graze & Roam Ranch specializes in British White Beef, known for it's incredible marbling on a grass-fed, grass finished diet.

Raised here at our ranch in Montana, we can guarantee that there are never any added hormones or antibiotics, and that all of our animals are treated humanely and given space to graze and roam.

All of our beef is carefully dry-aged to perfectly balance flavor intensity.

Graze & Roam Ranch specializes in British White Beef, known for its incredible marbling on an exclusive grass-fed and grass-finished diet.

All of our beef is dry-aged for 14 days to accentuate the naturally delicious grass-finished marbling and flavor of our British White breed. You can buy with confidence knowing that our beef cattle are born and raised on our ranch, and never receive GMOs, grain, hormones, or antibiotics. Know your rancher, trust your food.

Delivery Information

Out of State Home Delivery - Not available. Due to Federal law, we are not shipping beef or chicken outside of Montana.

Montana Home Delivery - Outside Missoula / Ravalli County Areas: Please contact us BEFORE you try to buy. We want to ensure that we can deliver your product in a time-frame that works for you.

We offer personal Home Delivery or On-Ranch Pickup for all orders within our Missoula / Ravalli County personalized service area.

The majority of our products will arrive to you frozen. To ensure the food stays in the best possible condition, we will leave your order only if it is personally accepted or can be left in an insulated container in your absence. We will contact you in advance to coordinate the timing of your home delivery.

Home Delivery - Missoula / Lolo / Florence areas: We deliver to these areas weekly on Wednesdays. If you won't be home on delivery day, please leave a cooler large enough for your order out and visible. 

Home Delivery - Victor / Corvallis / Hamilton / Darby / Connor areas: We deliver to these areas weekly on Tuesdays. If you won't be home on delivery day, please leave a cooler large enough for your order out and visible.

On-Ranch Pickup: Due to the realities of running a working cattle ranch, we need to limit on-ranch pickups to Fridays from 4 pm 6 pm. If this time-frame doesn't work for you, please let us know and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Non Wagyu Beef

We eat a lot of Wagyu in our home, however we always love to try new things and support local farmers. We stumbled across Graze & Roam a few weeks ago and decided to give their British White Beef a try. Being grass fed and grass finished, we were curious what we would think as most of the grass finished beef we have had doesn't taste very good.

I can confidently say that this is the best non wagyu beef we have ever eaten in our home. The flat iron was incredibly tender and had wonderful taste. We will be supporting this small ranch often!